Finished Object: SOCKS!

Here are my finished Circle Socks. I LOVE them. Posted about them here and here and here and here and here. Whoa! That is a lot of posts about one pair of socks. Are you thinking, "finally she has finished those $%@# socks"? I can't really blame you if you are. They are so comfortable and cute. I had to start over when I was knitting them because they were too tight and wouldn't fit comfortably over my heel. I almost didn't frog them and thought about giving them to my daughter but I just loved the yarn too much. So happy that I kept them for myself. I ended up casting on and purling the first few rows with regular size 2 DPN and then switching to my size 2 square DPN that I use to achieve the intended gauge. The regular ones give me a bigger gauge so that the top of the sock was stretchy enough to fit over my heel. The funny thing about these socks is that it never even crossed my mind to try to make the stripes match. Slowly I am learning...I wish I had thought of it but I still love them. Thank you designer Anne Campbell for a fun pattern.

I posted a picture of these socks last week when my daughter blogged for me. But I didn't get to chat about them much. I chose the pattern because she loves all things Harry Potter. It was kind of a hassle to get the pattern. I had to join this Harry Potter sock yahoo group but after joining, the pattern was free. I have made a few socks now but even so when I got to the heel part on this pattern I thought to myself, those directions don't seem right, but I just kept on knitting. When I was half way through the heel flap I knew that they were not correct (or maybe I read it wrong?). Instead of looking for an errata for the pattern I just frogged back to the beginning of the heel flap and made it like I know how. Isn't it funny that I would be so set on following the pattern to the T even though I knew it was wrong. Weird. Anyway the most important part, the lace lightning bolt on the leg was written perfectly. A fun pattern. Thanks Susan Lawrence!

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