Keep Calm Craft On: Knitted Elephant and Circle Socks

It is almost starting to look like an elephant. The head is magical. I just kept following the pattern, having no idea how this strange shape is going to turn into the head, when BAM, there is a trunk and it all looks clear. The designer, Sarah Keen, is a genius. 

I am starting to think about Christmas. Any other knitter's making their Christmas knitting lists? I am tossing around the idea of making all my children a knitter animal. But somewhere in the back of my mind is a little voice saying "you are crazy." We will see if I listen to the voices in my head or not. 

The Circle Sock is back on the needles. Size 2 this time. I am trying to stay focused on that sock but it is hard when I picked up these two sock books from the library this week. They are amazing and inspiring and tempting me to cast on socks like a mad woman. Luckily I have limited numbers of needles so I can't go too crazy. These books both deserve their own book review post so look for that to come soon. 

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