Work in Progress Wednesday: What all is on my needles...

I have decided to use the first Wednesday of each month to come clean about what all is on my needles. We all like to share our works in progress each week but usually I just choose one project to showcase. Once a month I think it will be good to really admit all that is on my needles. Maybe having to post the same project month after month will motivate me to finish it or frog it!

I'll start with my newest and most exciting project. I have not had socks on my needles in awhile. I was in need of a good portable project. I had the circle socks in my queue on Ravelry for sometime. But finally decided that this yarn would be great for it. It is trekking XXL yarn on size 1 needles. This should keep me busy for awhile.

Next is my elephant, Annabelle, named after the awesome elephant at our Alaska Zoo growing up. Slowly making progress. Two body pieces and base done. 9 more pieces to go...

My cardigan sweater is still there. I did pull it out and work on it when I went to dinner with the PTA ladies this weekend because my other projects were at places where I needed to be able to read patterns. But then I cast on the socks so the sweater went back in the bag a few days later. I am planning to work on it this weekend at Relay for Life. It is a good project to work on in the dark.

And lastly is my left over yarn afghan. Nothing changed with that so no need for a new picture. It is so far on the back burner it is not even on the stove anymore. It might be forever on my needles. Good thing I don't use the long straight needles much that it is occupying.

So that's it. Not bad. Only four projects. I went through a casting on almost frenzy today. Searching patterns. Organizing my stash. I was almost frantic. I wanted to cast on everything I saw. But after organizing my stash I realized that I need to finish two mittens to make pairs before I can use that leftover yarn for another project. It seems strange to cast on mittens in June. But still, that realization did calm my frenzy and I went back to sewing in the loose ends on my Citron Shawl. That's right, it is finished!! Come back Friday to see pictures. Super excited to use my new blocking boards and wires tomorrow!

(I am not sure I would recommend the Elm Creek Quilt book series but it has been pretty entertaining on my commute to work. They are cheesy, yet fun. The Aloha Quilt did make me want to go to Hawaii and make an Hawaiian quilt.)

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