Leftover Scraps of Yarn Afghan

ReadyMade was a sweet magazine of DIY projects that was really fun to look through. Sadly the parent company decided to stop publishing it and now the company sends me Better Homes and Gardens until my yearly subscription expires. Bummer.

I found this idea in a 2010 edition of ReadyMade for a way to use left over yarn bits. But then my mother in law saw my project and gave me the ball of yarn in the photo because it matched what I was using. So the project has morphed into more than leftover scraps.

But sadly I don't work on it much. It is still on needles and I have finished one strip of it so I feel committed. However, I think I like this idea better for using up yarn bits or this for sock yarn leftovers. Or this. Eventually I will finish this afghan though...

Super simple pattern
Cast on 30 stitches.
Knit until you run of yarn.
Switch to new yarn.
Knit until you run out of that yarn.
Continue like this until it is as long as you want (about 3 feet for me).
Cast off.
Make a few of these strips then sew them together. I think I am planning on making three. The designer, Julie Eakin, left the bottom 4 inches of each strip unbound so they swing open a bit in use. I am not sure if I will do that or not.

Change needle sizes according to yarn used, so that with the same number of stitches you are getting about equal widths of knitting with each yarn type. Varying the length will make it look better but that shouldn't be difficult if you are using up leftovers. I used a size 8 and a 10. You can tell I should have used bigger needles with that green yarn.