Yardage vs Skeins

I will tell you a story in which the heroine is found to not be very smart.

Once upon a time there was a knitter who found the perfect pattern and yarn for her first shawl. She excitedly cast on and knit away. Upon reaching the fifth section of this lovely shawl she started to notice that she was running low on yarn. But wait, she had purchased two skeins, surely that is enough for a pattern calling itself a shawlette. This knitter never thought to check the yardage required in the pattern because, I mean, she had TWO skeins.

But late one night she laid in bed worrying that the great deal she got on the perfect yarn at her LYS post Christmas sale was not going to be such a great deal if she had to purchase an additional skein at full price online to finish the ruffle. This found her searching for the pattern and the yarn wrapper to double check that two skeins of anything would make a shawlette as she had foolishly assumed. (We all know what assuming does.) It turns out that her two skeins were only 350 yards and the pattern calls for 470 yards. But she keeps knitting, hoping against hope that a miracle will happen. I told you the heroine is not very smart. I guess she can't really be called a heroine unless somehow in the end she can work this miracle. But i think we all know that just isn't going to happen.

Anyone have 100 yards of Eat Your Veggies yarn hanging around your stash?

Keep Calm Craft On. 

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