Work in Progress: Circle Socks

I attended my library's monthly craft night, Yarn, Paper, Scissors, for the first time last night with my older daughter, in celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Day. Adelle finger knit herself a belt and I made good progress on my circle socks. I love how it is turning out but I am not completely convinced that it will fit me. I am not ripping back though, it will fit someone I am sure.

I seem to be gathering quite a collection of library books this summer. One of these Yarn Alongs I should probably come clean on how many books I am reading at the same time but not today. I have been listening to the Knit Picks Podcast at work lately and Kelly does book reviews each week. These two new books came from her, Folk Shawls and Sally Melville's Style. It is fun to look at the beautiful shawls in the first book. The second book isn't really my style but I was interested in her discussion on color and particularly over-dyeing yarn. I am thinking about starting a project with left over worsted weight yarn and trying that. Adding it to my "someday" list.

I am reading Mr. Popper's Penguins to my children this summer. It is a very fun book. We watched the movie, with Jim Carrey last week. The movie was entertaining but other than having penguins and Carrey being called Mr. Popper it really had nothing to do with the book. Usually that bothers me a bit but I just looked at the two things as completely unrelated/different things, two separate pieces of creativity,  and then I wasn't bothered. My filmmaker husband is encouraging me to do that with books made into movies and it helps not be disappointed in the movie.

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