4KCBWDAY5: A note from a knitter's daughter and a finished object

Day 5 of Knit and Crochet Blog week is to do something a bit different. Read more about Knit and Crochet Week here

So I let my 11 year old daughter post for me...

Hello, this is Adelle Cindy’s 1st daughter. I am just doing this for her. Mom is very obsessed with knitting, spinning, or anything that has to do with yarn or wool! I know that sounds normal but this is how it all started. In about 2007 mom came to me and asked if I wanted to learn to knit with her. I said sure and so we tried to start together but mom didn’t understand it enough to learn with me. She left and said, “I have to learn on my own first”. So she learned and a few years later she came back and said I’m ready. So she has been addicted to yarn/wool ever since. An interesting start but now it is almost a business for her. She has even made her own cowl design. I am not particularly fond of knitting but I enjoy finger knitting. I even taught a friend how to finger knit and now she has made a bunch of stuff. (Mostly belts and necklaces.)  No one in the family makes a big deal out of her knitting all the time because she makes us pieces of clothing. What can we say! They are cute and comfortable. We all get clothing but she knits a terrible amount of time. She takes knitting to work and if we have a family night or a family movie what is she doing? Sitting in the back on the rocking-chair knitting! Well that just about covers everything in the crazy world of knitting and crochet. Bye!

It is true. I do knit a terrible amount of time. 

Here she is with her Lego twin and modeling the first pair of hand knit socks I made for her. With how much she loves them, I am sure I will be knitting many more for her!

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