Knitting Project Bag

I had a blissful day of creating. But now as it is almost 10pm and I look around my home I see the results of spending the day sewing. It is a mess. So of course I sit at the computer because who wants to clean up this disaster?

Just as I predicted I had a productive day knitting at my social work conference. I finished up the baby pullover and made great progress on my mitten from last week's work-in-progress post. Hopefully I can get the seam's done on the pullover and show that off by Friday. The mittens might not be finished until next week but there wasn't enough change to warrant a new photo.
But I felt like since I had "finished" the sweater I could cast on something new. I didn't make it far but I am LOVING this new project. It is exciting and new (like the Love Boat), been in my queue for awhile, and just enough challenging so far to keep me happy but not frustrating. Knitting is suppose to be fun and I have been a little bored with my projects lately so I am looking forward to work on the citron shawl. I really resisting casting on for awhile. 
The yarn is Claudia Hand Painted in color--Eat your veggies. 

This is what I spent the day sewing. I got the idea here and purchased the nylon during my last retail therapy session. It came together pretty easily and I think it will be very useful. I plan to make a tutorial and will post that later this week. Then you can make your own project bag in an afternoon and for less than $5. Pretty sweet. I love a good deal. 
Check back, hopefully on Thursday, for more pictures and instructions. 

With all this crafting I have not been reading much since finishing Heaven is Here. So good by the way. But my next book is This I Believe. The series aired on NPR. This is a new book of essays by "ordinary" people. One of my social work classmates wrote an essay that was selected for this book. She is extraordinary, facing life with hope and compassion, after losing her husband to suicide. I am looking forward to reading her essay and the others in the book. 

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