Trying to resist casting on...

I bought this yarn at my LYS after Christmas sale. Isn't it beautiful? I bought two skeins thinking I would knit socks out of them. But lately I have been itching to make my first shawl. And this yarn is telling me it wants to be it!

I have been trying to resist casting this on for several weeks. But then it seems like all the blogs I visit are talking about shawls, only increasing the pressure to cast one on. Now I know about the Lintilla, the hitchhiker, the windward, the woodland springs, and mama ruffles. I cannot decide if I want to choose one of those over the Citron for this yarn.

The problem really is that I should be finishing one of my current projects not starting a new one. You know that feeling that you should be doing something but you really don't want to. Usually I get that feeling about housekeeping but it is starting to creep into my knitting life too. Do I be responsible and finish what I have started or do I just be reckless and cast another on.

I am leaning toward the reckless side of life. I don't get to do that in any other part of my life.

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