What would you do with a free hour?

Today I found myself with a free hour.  It is a rare thing for me to be kid free and not at work.  I pondered on what I should do with my hour. Options that ran through my head:
You know that conversation you have with yourself about what you want to do versus what you should do? Both sides were debating back and forth as I headed in the direction of home. I seriously considered picking up my children early but I could not get my oldest daughter early because she was at piano lessons. I decided against it because I did not want to take the younger ones home for a few minutes and then have to load them up again to get their sister.  And like I said, an hour at home without children NEVER happens for me. 

Cleaning the bathrooms and laundry really needed to happen today because I have a friend coming over to watch the kids tomorrow while I attend a social work conference and I didn't want to gross her out. 

I wanted to knit but decided I would have lots of time at my social work conference tomorrow for that. The blog work I wanted to do I didn't think I would be able to walk away from when I needed to. Figuring out new things on the computer really tends to suck me in. 

I knew I should run, I am entertaining the idea of training for a marathon so running is always on my to do list. But it was raining, thus easy to cross that option off without much guilt. 

I got home and couldn't bring myself to sit down at my sewing machine while I knew there were other things I "should" be doing. I just couldn't. The guilt was too great. So I threw a load of laundry in, did a quick clean of the bathrooms, and started on that pillow. Only to find that I didn't have all the supplies I needed. So I went to get my children. I don't think I was meant to have an hour of free time. 
Yoda is coming soon to The Gauge Wars!