Kansas City Temple Openhouse

I spent most of the day yesterday at a training to be a guide for the open house of the Kansas City Temple. If you live in the area you should come. You can get a free ticket here and maybe I will be your guide! I am a little nervous about my ability to be a good guide though so maybe it would be better for someone else to be your guide. Either way, come. It is really a once in a life time opportunity for the general public to see the inside of our temple.

Because I spent the day in KC at that training and the evening at a dear friend's home in KC who was willing to watch my children while I went to the training, I completely forgot to post yesterday. This morning when I realized it, I was so disappointed in myself. I had made a goal to do 30 posts in the 30 days in March, and even though it is a silly goal, I was really making an effort. Now that I missed day 24 I almost want to throw the towel in and give up-- you know that whole idea if I can't do it perfect I won't do it at all. (I do succumb to all or nothing thinking too easily.) But after a night's sleep, a few hours of church, and giving myself a stern talking to about my dysfunctional thinking, I am back on the bandwagon. After all there are 31 days in March so I can stand to miss a day. As long as my Jayhawks are fighting for the national championship I will keep blogging away through March Madness! (They are in the Elite Eight playing North Carolina in an hour--so nervous!)

Anyway, at the training yesterday we had some down time while we waited to get the 400 future tour guides through the temple for the first time (It is beautiful!). Of course, I had some knitting to work on so I was patiently waiting my turn. I casted this on Friday night while I was watching Kansas barely beat North Carolina State in the sweet sixteen. So I was knitting away when the woman next to me said, "good idea" and pulled out her own knitting (some adorable Mary Jane baby booties). It was great to have a little knitting partner right there! Instead of her project being bundled up with all the junk in her purse like mine was, she had this great project bag from KnowKnits. I was a little envious but studied it out of the corner of my eye and I think I can make one pretty easily. Maybe another tutorial is in my future...