Looking Back and Looking Forward in my Knitting Year

A year ago I made a list of some of my knitting goals/desires. I haven't thought much about that list until lately when I was reviewing it for this post, I'm pleased that I have accomplished quite a few of those things.

Goal 1: Spin yarn that I can actually knit with. DONE. I spun and knit this cowl and a headband. Plus I have 200+ yards of handspun waiting to be knit. Yeah!

Goal 2: Learn how to do color work. DONE. Thanks to Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Goal 3: Learn entrelac. Not done. But I bought the yarn for this amazing scarf. That is one step closer at least.

Goal 4: Win the battle of garments looking handmade instead of homemade. I think I did it with my daughter's Bulle. I'm getting better with my finishing techniques and that is exciting!

Goal 5: Designing. Done. And not done. Because it is a goal that will continue. I've independently published 2 patterns in the last year. And I recently finished this design for my niece's birthday headband. I'm pleased with the progress I've made on this goal. 

And looking forward to the next year:

That is probably more than enough goals. :)


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