4KCBWDAY7: Looking Forward

The last day of Knit and Crochet Blog Week. Thank you for all the new visitors this week! The topic for today is Looking Forward: One year from now where will my knitting be. 

I just went back and read last year's post about this. I did take the spinning class I mentioned then. This photo is my finished project. Pretty bad. There were 6 of us in the class and I was by far the worst. As I returned home I went back and forth between saying "I don't like spinning anyway so who cares" to "dang it, I can master this, I won't let that dang spinning wheel beat me." I think a few weeks later I am still wanting to learn to spin better. It was the drafting part that was really challenging. And since I didn't draft evenly the plie-ing part was difficult due to my yarn continually breaking. I cannot afford a spinning wheel right now so I am going to purchase a drop spindle in hopes that I can improve my drafting technique. Wish me luck. Next Knit and Crochet Blog Week I will have a hand spun skein of yarn that I can actually knit with. 

I am still interested in learning color work, kind of. It is a little further down my list. I am quite content with lace and cables for making my knitting interesting right now. But I keep being drawn to entrelac. I blame it on this pattern for a felted entrelac bag and this entrelac scarf. I have been shopping for Noro yarn so I don't think I will be able to resist that scarf much longer. 

My other goal from last year was to be able to make garments that didn't scream homemade. I still haven't finished the cardigan that has been on my needles for years and do not really have a desire to yet. I just don't really like to knit sweaters I decided. I really like socks and shawls.  And until I get tired of those I probably won't get into sweaters much, except when my children request them or for babies. Little baby sweaters are so cute. But I do feel like I have improved a lot with my finishing techniques so what I am knitting is not so homemade looking, just hand made. 

My new goal for this year is to do more designing. I just finished my first cowl. Pictures to come soon! And I am working on a pair of socks. It is really fun to try to create the picture you have in your head. The only problem is all that math gets in the way of knitting time....


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