Finished Object: Bulle Sweater

Pattern: Bulle
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Lettuce

It is finished! She loves it! She wore it to school the morning I sewed the buttons on, telling everyone her mother made it for her. That makes it totally worth it. I am not a big sweater knitting. I really prefer to knit accessories but my girls sure get excited over the sweaters I have made them. I guess I should knit more. Overall I am excited with how it turned out. I knit it at a tighter gauge in hopes that the Malabrigo yarn won't pill as much or as quickly. I didn't take good notes on the changes I made to the pattern. It doesn't really matter though because I am not sure I will knit another one, especially in this size and soft of yarn. It just doesn't hold up to a lot of wear. But I am thrilled that it is finished, it fits, and she likes it. Yeah!

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