Finished Object: Pattern for a Handspun Cowboy/Bandit Cowl/Shawl Thingy

How is that for a title? I am totally not sure what to call this new accessory. But I love it still.

Yarn: Corriedale Top from Yarn Barn 
2 ply spun on my Schacht drop spindle
Work in Progress Posts:
Here and Here

Recipe to Knit your own Cowboy Cowl/Bandit Shawl :)
I didn't make a button hole since my stitches were so large, I could just make my own hole in between stitches. I found this fun purple button, made 100% from coconut, at Joann Fabric. With the cowl being all stockinette, it curls a little on the edges, but I kind of like that about it.

And while we were having a little photo shoot of my new cowl, I took a few shots of Joel. He so rarely is the one in front of the camera. But here he is. A beautiful Sunday afternoon relaxing on our porch. 

He is finishing up a work trip to Europe "Capturing the Ministry" with Elder Christofferson. While he has been gone we have been hosting Adelle's friend from Kansas. All she wanted for Christmas from her parents was to come to Utah to visit over her spring break. We kept it a surprise from Adelle until she found her sitting at our kitchen table when she came home from play rehearsal. It is was so fun to see Adelle's face! We've had fun showing her around Salt Lake City, especially taking her to Sundance, to ski for the first time. The whole week reminded me of my trip to Houston, Texas when I was 12. My best friend had moved there the year before and I was able to visit for a week during my summer break. Coming from Alaska to Texas in the summer was quite the shock. It was my first time to experience humidity. I thought I was going to die. If we weren't at the pool or the lake we didn't go outside during the day. It was unreal. But still such a fun experience. I am glad that Adelle and her friend have had a similar fun week.

Joining with Tami, Andrea, and Linda.

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