Finished Object: Calorimetry Headband

So here are the finished objects from my hand spun yarn.  I said originally I planned to make the ribbed cowl with it. Though I love the idea of that pattern it definitely was not the right pattern for this yarn. I knit it in two different gauges before giving it up. It totally looks like a neck brace. I just couldn't get past that. Tell me I don't look like I have a broken neck! :)

So instead I frogged it back and knit a version of the Calorimetry Headband from Knitty. I felt like I was pretty smart with doing the math to figure out the gauge for my hand spun and to adjust the pattern accordingly. Too bad it was like 11pm and there was no one around when I did it to yell, "look at me, a little math whiz!" :) The next day when I was trying pose for a few selfies, Maeve just couldn't resist the rabbit ears.

I think if I did it again I would make it a little less wide but overall I really like it. I am not really a big fan of hats on me. My hat hair is not attractive. Think bangs sticking straight up in the air. But I think wool headbands are totally the way to go this winter for me. 

And I need a lot of practice on self portraits....

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