Finished Object Friday--Knit-A-Square Charity Pull-Over

This photo should explain why I did not get my promised tutorial finished on Thursday. My sister came up from Texas with her four children to take a tour here. So I have had eight children (my baby was napping for this photo) in my little three bedroom place for the last 2 days. Hopefully I will be able to finish the tutorial this weekend. The temple tour was really fantastic though. Wonderful to be there with my family!
And here is my finished project. A baby pull-over for Knit a Square charity. After some problems with the neck hole being too small, I now think it may be too big. But better too big than too small. I was given another idea to try for the neck on the second one I am making, so I won't have this problem. Hopefully this sweater will still be useful to some child in Africa and that my mother enjoys her Mother's Day gift.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my WIP Wednesday post. I have not had a chance to go and look at all of your projects but I will now that my company is gone and my home put back together. I really am thankful for this new knitting "community" I am a part of with the Wednesday and Friday posts. It is not something I have in my "real" life, so it is fun to feel connected to other like-minded knitters! Thanks!

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