Keep Calm Craft On--Work in Progress

"I looked out the window and what did I see?
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree."

This isn't an apricot tree but that has not stopped my children from singing this song all over town. Spring has definitely sprung in our town. Usually I LOVE spring. But this year winter kind of passed us by so I am not enjoying spring as much this year, dreading the hot, buggy days that will follow this spring. It is so true that we must experience the bad to truly appreciate the good. Without the harsh winter, spring doesn't mean the same to me this year.

Speaking of harsh things I am knitting this week for some children in Africa going through very difficult experiences. It is for the Knit a Square -- Aid for AIDS orphans. I got the idea from Sam but was glad to find information straight from the charity.

I am making a children's pullover/baby's jumper. The pattern is pretty simple and it is inspiring me to try designing something similar for my baby.

I am hoping to finish a few of them before Mother's Day. I try to give my mother gifts of charity for her birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, etc. I donate money or time or other items to those in need in her name. She requested that gift a few years ago and I really love doing it. So I am hoping to finish a few of these outfits to mail to Africa by then for her.

I'm linking this with Keep Calm Craft On and Tami's Work in Progress Wednesdays. Go check out other inspiring projects.

Day 2 of my cleaning schedule is going great! And that son I bragged about being so smart yesterday? He stood on the porch and peed through the railings tonight. When confronted, he said he thought that was what I wanted him to do. Apparently he is not as smart as I thought :)

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