Knitting is suppose to be fun!!

I had great hopes for this day. I thought I would get a lot of knitting done while I watched this all weekend. I finished the rest of my yarn working on the African pullover. But unraveling the crocheted wool soaker proved to be more frustrating than it is worth. So I need to go buy more of that red yarn. Hopefully I can find it.

So I moved on to my neapolitan socks. I tried to pick up stitches after doing the heel but the yarn kept splitting and it does not look pretty. That combined with the fact that I think the socks are too small, left me in a bad mood. I tried them on before I started on the heel part and I got them on but they are really tight. I am not sure I will like it.

So here I was trying to be inspired but only growing more frustrated with my knitting (and with my rowdy children making it hard for me to hear or think). I was about ready to throw in the towel and quit knitting altogether. It is suppose to be fun right? I was not having fun. But I will give it a try another day. And I may frog my sock again...

But the good news is that I have completed my March Madness challenge. 30 posts in 31 days. It has been fun to post daily and to "meet" many fun, creative people through blog land. I will be continuing blogging but at a more reasonable pace of a few posts a week. That way my family does not think I have completely abandoned them.

But even better news! My Jayhawks are in the National Championship on Monday! I took my children with me tonight to the Phog Allen Field House to watch the semi final game on the big screen with an almost full house. My daughter couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her go on to the court after they won tonight. Doesn't it look madness down there?

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