Work in Progress Wednesday

I love WIP Wednesdays for all the positive encouragement I receive for my knitting. Thank you! Those of you that read yesterday's post may have noticed that there might not be enough yarn left on that ball to finish my little pullover. And you would be right.

So my next tasked is to unravel a never used soaker made from the rest of that yarn ball 4 years ago. I am hoping that it will be simple enough to do. Do I need to wash it after I unravel it or can I just knit it all kinky? I am not sure.

I crocheted it (back before I knew that knitting was superior :) while I was pregnant with baby number 3. My first two children were 6 pound little bitty girls so I was expecting a small little baby. I crocheted a small little soaker to cover that baby's prefold cloth diapers. I was so proud of myself as it was the first soaker I ever made.

You can probably guess the rest of the story. Baby number 3, a boy, came out weighing a whopping 9 pounds. That soaker went from my crochet hook back to my yarn bag awaiting it's next job. Who knew back then it would be heading to Africa to keep another baby warm.

I am really enjoying knitting for charity. I am not worried about whether it will fit because there will be children of all sizes in need there. I am not worried about whether the recipient will wash it wrong or if they will like it or if it will get worn because I will never know. Getting rid of all that worry really makes knitting for other people much more enjoyable.

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