Work in Progress: Everything on my Needles in November

How can it already be the first Wednesday in November?! Sadly not much progress has been made on any of the previous work in progresses since the beginning of October. No new pictures are necessary to see that I have not been working on them!
I have been able to knit some on the I Heart Cowl for me while my little one is practicing his letters. (Thank you to everyone that purchased the pattern!) He insists that I sit right next to him as he works but doesn't mind that I am busy knitting. It is so excited to see his brain as the letter names and sounds start to click for him. He gets so excited about each accomplishment. His enthusiasm is contagious.

When I was a stay at home before I had the boys, we use to go to the library each week and come home with a stroller full of books that we would read and exchange for new books the next week. Since I have come back home and we moved to Utah, the boys and I have been attending story time each week and coming home with a big bag of books.

I rarely say no to books from the library. I have to say no to so much else they ask for, that free books I just don't. So my back may break from carrying the bag and our dining room looks like we checked out the entire library but my children are happy. Except this last week I drew the line. I said no to a library book. It was about zombies, with really frightening pictures, on the story time table. I cannot believe that it was put out intentionally for 2-4 year children. Jude really wanted to check it out but I stood firm. During story time he went over and looked at all the pictures and came back to tell me so. Rarely is he really defiant. I just told him don't come crawling into my bed if you have a zombie nightmare, to which he laughed. He hasn't had any nightmares but I found that book disturbing. I do not understand the obsession with zombies.

Anyway, we have been bringing home a big bag of books each week but not reading much of them. So I have made a conscious effort this last week to sit down with them and read library books several times a day. This morning we read the book pictured above. It is really fun, with great illustrations. It was made into a short film that won an Academy Award. You can see the preview for the film here. Jude and I must have read the book 5 times this morning and watched the preview more than that. Check it out. Super fun.

Joining with Nicole and Tami. Go see more projects and books there.

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