Finished Object: Ankle Socks

 I finished my ankle socks! After spending the entire weekend the beginning of October watching this conference (Very inspiring! Favorite message can be read here.) and knitting on these socks I was so close to finishing them that I decided not to knit on any of my other works in progress until I was done. And there you go. Done! I love them so much I put them on right after I finished and wore them the next few days. Of course I also stayed in bed the next few days fighting off a nasty virus. :(

I've decided that I like ankle socks. Very comfortable for lounging around the house in or going hiking in. I wonder if they would be good for long runs? When I make another pair I will make the cuff a little longer. Maybe 1 1/2 inches or 2 inches instead of the 1 inch I made here. But as you can see I was cutting it close with the yarn. That is what I have left after knitting two pairs of socks from this yarn. It is pretty. But not my favorite sock yarn. It is inexpensive. And you can tell. I think my favorite sock yarn so far is zauberball. It is a wonderful, quality yarn. But you pay for it. And it never seems to go on sale at my last LYS. My husband is wearing the only zauberball yarn I've knit with on his feet. Besides them being size 11 feet, they are the best to knit for. He love his handknit socks and wears them frequently!

Joining with Tami, Andrea, and Linda

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