My second pair of socks...size 11 feet :(

I never thought I would want to make socks. They look so daunting. But after reading some of the Yarn Harlot's other writings I started to feel like I would not be a true knitting if I didn't knit socks.
I started with Nature Spun wool from Brown Sheep for my first pair and followed the classic sock pattern from Folk Socks exactly. Amazingly the socks actually fit me, sort of. One was a little too wide and has slouchy ankle syndrome. But it is true that your sock is only as good as your yarn and frankly I am not a fan of Nature Spun. I had bought it because it was cheap and not sure I would be able to finish a sock on my own or would like knitting socks. 3-4$ a skein seemed safe. But now I do not wear the socks because I don't like the yarn. Bummer.

For the second pair I chose a better yarn (Zauberball) and used the basic sock pattern from Folk Socks but I tweaked it a little with doing a different ribbing and carrying the ribbing down the top of the foot, copying a pair of store bought socks I have. I LOVE how they turned out. I planned to make them for my DH for father's day but he actually received them for his birthday in October! Six months dedicated to a pair of really big socks. I really wanted to keep them secret but after finishing the first one I was desperate to know if they fit so I showed it to him. How do you keep your knitted gifts a secret and make sure they fit?

I am on to a third pair, for me again. I have great yarn, trekking xxl, in a color that reminds of me neapolitan ice cream with caramel sauce. Seriously I crave it whenever I am knitting this sock! But this one I decided to do an even more basic version of the pattern. I did 2x2 ribbing for an inch and then switched to stockinette. I am onto the heel flap now but feel like the sock is way too wide. Does this always happen when you do stockinette on the leg part? I am not convinced that they will fit but yet I keep knitting. Should I rip back and start over or just give them to someone with a fatter ankles? I am torn so I just keep knitting...