Fiber Tools Series: Part 3 -- Turkish Drop Spindle

This is the final post in my fiber tools series. In case you missed the first two-

Fiber Tools Series: Part 1 -- Niddy Noddy
Fiber Tools Series: Part 2 -- Nostepinne

Here is the link to the Knit Picks drop spindle

I hope you enjoyed the videos. It's been fun to blog in a little different format but videos are a bit challenging because I seem to always look tired whenever the house is quiet enough to film! This one got cut pretty short because my little baby woke up early and was headed my way. In hindsight I should have just let him cameo in the video. He is so stinking cute and cuddly in the morning! Oh well. It is short and sweet, showing off my new drop spindle. Any tips, links, or books that you think will help me in my new fiber adventure please leave in the comments! Now I see spinning as this great challenge that I MUST CONQUER! This will most likely result in a few frustrated spinning posts before it is all over.

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