Fiber Tools Series: Part 1-- Using a Niddy Noddy

I saved my pocket money and purchased the fiber tools I mentioned during Knit and Crochet Blog Week.  I am super excited to show them off! Up first is the Niddy Noddy. It is kind of a silly name. According to the New Hampshire's History Blog, folklore says, "niddy" comes from a nickname for Grandma, who was always knitting and "noddy" refers to how she was always nodding off. Or noddy comes from the way the tool is moved when winding yarn, nodding the cross bar with an elbow-wrist movement. Hmmm. I am not so sure. But regardless it is a fun tool used to measure and wind yarn into skeins. One full wind around my niddy noddy equals two yards. I have seen larger and smaller ones but mine is the typical size. 

I thought this three part series would be fun done as a video. The two things I love best about blogging are the knitting community that I have become a part of and the amazing technology skills I have learned. I mean I can write some html code and I just made an imovie. You can learn to do anything with determination and access to the internet! 

Come back on Thursday to see my new nostepinne!
(and tomorrow to see my work in progress.)

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