Fiber Tools Series: Part 2 -- Nostepinne

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Fiber Tools Series. If you missed Part 1,  you can find it here. My videos are not so much tutorials, you can find tons of those online, but more an introduction to the tools and to show the specific one I purchased. 

Did you know that the word nostepinne is Scandinavian and means "nest stick" (from Memphis Fiber Arts). I buy that definition better than the one I found for niddy noddy. The center pull yarn cake that you make with a nostepinne does resemble a little nest. 

Here is the link to the nostepinne I purchased. 

Someday I hope to buy a really swift, and stop using my kitchen chair, and a ball winder. But until that day, the nostepinne serves it's purpose well. 

Next Tuesday will be the final post in the Fiber Tools Series: A drop spindle. But come back Friday to see a finished project!

Thanks for visiting!

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