Knitting Sweaters: A lesson in patience

How long does it take you to knit a sweater? 
A few weeks, a few years?

This is my first sweater (I don't count the sad sweater I knit my baby when he was little. Let's just pretend that never existed. He wore it a few times to justify making it but now it resides back in my stash waiting to be unraveled.) I started it in 2009. I really want this cardigan to be finished because I think it will be awesome to wear but that is not motivation enough to knit stockinette forever. 

I picked it back up this week after my sock fiasco. I finished one front piece and cast on the other. I am headed to see Madagascar 3 today in celebration of my daughter turning 6. This is my go to project for dark movie theaters. But I am sure after the movie the sweater will go back into it's project bag until the next show...I am ready to retry with my socks. 

Since this is my first real sweater I have a question. Do you wait and block it after it is sewn together or piece by piece? Thanks. You're the best!

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