What style of knitter are you?

When I learned to knit with this book the author really promoted English knitting over continental in my opinion. I was new. I listened to the author and learned English style. (I am still a little irritated with the author).

I have been told that continental is faster. I watched a video of lever knitting and that is pretty dang fast too. But here is the thing. It is really slow learning a new method. So I want to knit faster but I am not patient enough to slow down now to learn a different method that MAY be faster in the future. Know what I mean?

But considering that I am in the habit of knitting socks over and over again I really need to knit faster.  And as I am starting to teach my daughter I am wondering if I am doing her a disservice teaching her English style or should I master continental before I teach her, so she can learn that from the beginning?

I know that to do color work it is good to be able to knit both styles but I am curious how you knit predominately? Is English the slowest style around? Am I the only one still doing it?

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