Circular Knitting Needle Case Tutorial

Here is my finished object for this week. I really wanted a circular knitting needle case to organize my growing collection of needles but I have a difficult time spending money on things that I think I can make for less. Both of my knitting needle cases are made with Target Placemats. Like I said yesterday they are awesome to sew with because you do not have to worry about interfacing or much hemming. Here is pretty simple tutorial. 

Two Placemats
matching ribbon
masking tape
optional: fabric marker

Step: 1 Find two awesome placements. I LOVE this bird one. I ended up using a different read one than I photographed originally but all three of these came from Target.

Step 2: Cut one of the placemats vertically (the short way). I cut them in half initially but trimmed each piece to 7 inches afterwards.
3. Sew a zig zag stitch along the raw edges (or use a serger if you are lucky enough to have one!) This probably is not totally necessary but I did not want to deal with unraveling while I was working with it.

4. Fold the raw edge over 1/2 inch and finger press to hold it in place as you pin it to one end of the placemat. Repeat this for the other end of the placemat.  

5. Cut the ribbon into four lengths. Mine were 6-7 inches long. 

6. Pin the ribbon in between the two placemats on each end. I spaced mine about 4 inches from the end and from the other ribbon. Repeat this on the other end of the placemat.

7. Top stitch the placemat, making sure to catch the ribbon securely. Sew around the three sides of each end of the red placemat. 

8. Next you are making the pocket for each set of needles.  I used painter's tape but you could use masking tape or just eye ball it if you are good. I spaced my tape 2 inches apart for my smaller needles and 2 1/2 for my size 15 needles. Using the tape to make a straight stitch sew all the pockets that you need. I made 7 small ones on one side but less on the other side to make room for my bigger needles and my scissors. 

9. Next you can mark the needle size with a fabric marker. I included the length too but you cannot see that in the photo.
10. Stick in your needles, fold over the placemat, and tie up the bows. Mine folds over again easily making it very handy to tuck into my knitting bag. 

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! I hope that you find it useful. 
Please contact me if you have any questions. 

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