Work in Progress: Elephant

I finally cast on my little knitted animal for my son's second birthday. Unfortunately it is on May 29 so there is no way I will finish in time. Even as I went to my LYS to buy the yarn I was debating between the elephant and the monkey. We call him our little monkey because he climbs all over everything. All of my other children thought I should make the monkey. But in the end I chose the elephant. It is just so cute to me! If I am going to spend hours knitting it I want to love it. Besides, the store didn't have a good brown colored yarn for the monkey. Maybe next time...

I bought straight needles for this project thinking that I could tuck it under my arm and knit faster that way. But mostly I have been guarding them from my little sword fighting monkeys. In fact, my three year old really had a good argument going with me that they were swords. ("But Mom, they are long, straight, and pointed just like a sword.")

I am reading This I Believe. It is short essays about personal philosophies of everyday people based on the NPR series by the same name. It isn't the edition that I told you my friend was published in but still interesting stuff. I am thinking about writing my own essay. I've been composing it in my head. I need to put it down on paper before I lose it.

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