Wednesday Work in Progress: Elephant

Yesterday was my baby boy's 2nd birthday. I wanted to boycott his birthday because it makes me sad that he is getting older but not celebrating wouldn't keep him 1 so we went all out. We started the day with a donut cake. I skipped over the discount donuts at the grocery store in favor of the Krispy Kreme ones. If I am going to eat those calories I wanted them to taste amazing!

In the evening we had his favorite dinner, hot dogs, and this fun cake. (Tutorial here) Joel is usually the cake maker but I took over this time because he was recovering from jet lag after filming in Austria for a month. (Yeah he is home!) I am happy with how it turned out. It was kind of fun to eat jello jigglers with cake. 

But sadly, here is his birthday present. Maybe he will get it for Christmas? (We did give him another gift- less you think us bad parents!) It is fun to work on but it isn't so portable with the long, straight needles, so I don't get much time to work on it. 

I have a new book this week, The Coolest Race on Earth, about a marathon in Antarctica. No I am not planning on doing it! But I did get in on the lottery for the St. George Marathon in Utah the beginning of October. I just randomly found this book when I was at the library getting a book on training for a marathon. It is pretty interesting so far. 

Do you craft with your children? If so, join my link party (because we don't have enough link parties right?!) on Mondays, Hearts Knit Together, to share your creativities with children. I need more ideas to keep me going through the summer!

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