Friday Finished Object-- Repurposed Sweater Pillow

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Today is a sad day for our household. Joel Papa Daddy, as he is affectionately known by our daughters,  left to shoot a film in Austria until the end of May. I am trying to be a loving, supportive wife. But as they say in the business, "the only thing glamourous about being in the film business is saying you are in the film business." He was home for ten days in between projects. Not exactly the most family friendly profession. If I don't post much at least now you will know why.

I had great hopes of having several finished objects this Friday. I am so close with the charity sweater and with my temple handkerchief. But alas all I have to show is my little fake knit pillow. I finished hand sewing up the hole where the pillow form was stuffed in. But with four little children I am not sure if that was the smartest thing to do. Wondering how many times I will have to unpick it to wash the cover...

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