Keep Calm Craft On--Upcycled Sweater Pillow

I shared a photo of my fake knit pillow project last week on my Creativity Post. If you didn't read that post, you should. The words will inspire you in your creativity. I can say that because the words were NOT mine! :)

But I didn't blog about this project specifically so I will share some details. The hole where I stuffed the pillow in still needs to be hand sewn but I really like how it turned out. I got the idea here. And I bought the sweater at a local thrift store during a retail therapy session.

It was going to be a bolster pillow but the other sweater didn't work out so I used the yellow one as a regular pillow. By "didn't work out" I mean it fell to the old rule measure twice, cut once. Embarrassing. I rationalized away the embarrassment by saying things to myself like, "I didn't like the color anyway" or "it was a little itchy" but mostly I am just glad I only spent $1.50 on it. Lesson learned without a lot of cost!

And here is little man trying out the new pillow. Both my boys loved it, so we will see how well it holds up to that kind of wrestling love. I am hoping to make a few more pillows to liven up our living room, then eventually design and knit one. Someday...

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