New Yarn

This week has been so busy with end of year PTA responsibilities at my daughter's school and trying to wrap up all the end of year things with teachers for the research grant I am working on. Busy. Busy. Luckily my mom came to stay and help through the whole madness and after tomorrow morning I can take a long sigh of relief and relax for 6 entire days before I return to work. I will be sewing, knitting, and helping my children write out their summer bucket lists. I LOVE summer vacation!

With all the madness I've had very little time to knit. So I will share with you some of my Mother's Day gifts that came in the mail. (I really spoiled myself this year-- sadly this was before I found out I might be buying more yarn for my shawl). Thank you for all the sympathy and great ideas on how to remedy the situation. Currently I am still in denial and don't want to talk about it.

But on to my yarn purchase. It is the first time I have bought yarn online. I have a wonderful LYS but I told you the crazy story about why they don't carry malabrigo yarn so I had to go else where for it. I found DoodleBug Yarn through Frontier Dreams. Gayla was fabulous to work with and my yarn came very quickly. I had to have more malabrigo yarn so I bought this finger weight beauty. Not sure if it wants to be socks or a shawl yet.

Then this cascade yarn was on clearance. I think it is a lovely color and want to design a small cable pillow with it. Not sure when I will get to that but I couldn't pass up the good deal. It is obvious that purple is a favorite color of mine right now.  

Today at work I was busy filling in tons of scantron sheets as a dutiful research assistant should. While doing that I found the knitpicks podcasts. I'm so excited to find them as they were very interesting and made the time fly by. I have surfed around listening to a few minutes of knitting podcast here and there while doing paperwork but these are the best I have found. It actually makes me excited to fill in bubbles!