Malabrigo Yarn -- Favorite in the Stash

Malabrigo Yarn (pure merino worsted superwash-- color: Zarzamora
Me: "Do you have any malabrigo yarn?"
Sales Clerk at LYS: "No we don't carry that anymore."
Me: "Really? Bummer I wanted to look at more colors. It is super soft yarn."
Sales Clerk: "Yeah, we used to carry it but it sold so quickly, we couldn't keep it on the shelves. It was always back ordered so we stopped carrying it."
Me: Speechless

True Conversation. I am totally outing my LYS. It was not the owner that I talked with just a sales clerk. But I was flabbergasted to hear that they stopped selling this yarn because it sold too well. Does that make any sense at all?!? 

The yarn in the photo came from Blazing Needles in Salt Lake City, Utah. My sister had my name for our Christmas gift exchange. When she asked me for ideas I googled a LYS by her and suggested she check it out. She is not a knitter so my instructions were to surprise me with anything but acrylic yarn. Upon entering the store she told the clerk she needed yarn but not acrylic. That sales clerk was super helpful, directing my sister to this skein of malabrigo and this yarn. Awesome!

It is my favorite yarn in the stash. I cannot decide what to do with it. I just have the one skein unless I go online and order more.  But it is almost too beautiful to use. Besides it has not revealed to me what it wants to become yet. 

It is my first skein of malabrigo yarn but I am also eyeing the lettuce and hummingbird colors. It is probably a good thing my LYS doesn't carrying it. I might not be able to resist buying it all.