Work-in-Progress Wednesday

I try to limit myself to five works in progress. I am a quilter too so that means I have 10 UFOs. Yikes! That seems overwhelming to type. But I am currently obsessed with knitting so the quilts are on the back burner.

Project 1:
The Stained Glass Window mittens a.k.a. Cloisonee. They are addicting. I am on to my third mitten but none of them are matches. It is just too fun to make a new one with different colors.

Project 2:
The Neapolitan sock. It is just your basic stockinette sock that I stick in my purse and work on when I need something to knit that I don't have to think about. Unfortunately I am onto the heel so it does require some thinking and thus has not been work on in awhile.

Project 3:
The never ending sweater. This sweater has quite a story. It might require a post of it's own. It is my "I am going to a dark theater and need something to knit that I don't need to see" sweater. Since that happens about twice a year, that is how often it gets knit on. Sad. Because it has great potential.

Project 4:
My leftover yarn scraps afghan. This is another one that might be a work in progress long term. I love the colors though. I am a springy, pastel girl.

Project 5:
My eternity scarf. I really did not want this to be in my W.I.P. Wednesday post. I am so close to being finished. Hopefully that will happen by Friday. Though I feel kind of silly making a scarf when it is already 80 degrees outside!

That is it. It is starting to get so warm outside that I need to cast on something not meant for winter. Any suggestions?

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