Stained Glass Window Mittens a.k.a. Cloisonee Pattern

This is the first knitting pattern I ever bought. I am a huge fan of the Yarn Harlot and watched this pattern emerge on her blog. I knew I needed to have it. And she was right. They are addicting. Be warned! I made the orange one following the pattern exactly. But it turns out I have a medium hand not a small. So dear daughter has one left handed mitten. I made the purple one next in medium but made some changes to the pattern that I thought I would like better. I made the "windows" 4 rows instead of 3 and added 2 rows instead of 1 for the main color in between the "windows." I thought it might make the little squares of color pop out more. It turns out I don't like it better. It does not work as well when you are picking up the stitch now 4 rows below instead of 3, just not as smooth looking. So I started a third one, in medium, similar to the orange but with a few different colors in the cuff. So yes, I will have three left handed mittens and no pairs. But dang it, I will have one I love! It is so much fun to mix colors around and make another one. Way more fun than making a duplicate second one. Boring... but eventually necessary if I ever plan on using them.