Handspun Fetching Mitts

Yarn: Merino/Silk 2 ply handspun
Pattern: Soon to be knit into Fetching Mitts from Knitty 2006
Book I'm reading this week: Hope was Here by Joan Bauer

Roman was very insistent that he needed to be in the photos. I kept trying to get him to move but that turned it into a game and made it even more fun to photo bomb my pictures. Oh Romey. We started chore charts and commission last night. Today was the first official day and by this afternoon he declared he wasn't doing his chores because he didn't need money. He gets enough for his birthday so why should he work? In the next breath he asked me to buy him "everything he wants" for Christmas. We will see if he changes his tune when the others get paid next Monday night and he doesn't. :)

I have a bad case of startitis. November is never a good time to have it. Not when I'm suppose to be dedicated to Christmas knits. But knitting is also suppose to be fun so I started something new anyway. I was hoping to get more yardage from this  4 oz roving. I was drafting it as thin as I could. Then I 2 plied it. I ended up with just under 150 yards. More than my last 4 oz roving, so I am improving, but less than I wanted. It is still thick and thin but slightly more consistent than the last yarn I spun. It is amazingly soft. I figured that 150 yards is enough for a hat or fingerless mitts. Since I am not really a hat wearer much I searched for a mitten pattern I liked that could work with this yarn and chose Fetching. I'm hoping by this time next week I'll have a new pair of mitts. Since my home is old and drafty, I plan on wearing them while I post next Wednesday!

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