Spinning Straw into Gold: Navajo Plying



Here is the free fiber I received from the yarn store in Homer. The dyer didn't like it but I think it is fun. It is mostly wool but I think she told me it had some nylon and maybe tencel too, I can't remember. It has such different colors I wanted to protect that and not muddy the yarn together so I learned to Navajo ply or chain ply instead of making a barber pole-ish 3 ply. I really like the result.

Here are some Navajo plying tutorials I found useful:

Sarah Anderson's youtube video
Lee Juvan's article in Knitty
Knotty Gals picture tutorial for Navajo plying on a drop spindle
Simply Notables picture tutorial for Navajo plying on a drop spindle

I found Simply Notables to be the best for me. It help me finally understand what I was trying to do. I still need a lot of practice but I'm pretty pleased.

I really want to see how it knits up. It is only about 36 meters but I thought that it could make a fun accent to a hat if I used it with some similar weight mill spun yarn. We shall see. I have two projects that have to be finished before I can cast this yarn on.

Have a great weekend. One more week until school starts again here. I'm not thrilled about the early mornings with the kids but I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine again.

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