Summer of Socks and Apricots, Vacations, Family...

Remember when I use to blog regularly? Before I left on an epic adventure driving to Alaska and taking pictures of half knit socks and sock yarn in the most beautiful places? (You know it has been awhile since you last posted about knitting when all your sidebar ads are about Alaska now.)

Yarn: Candy Skeins Spearmint
Pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks with Modifications (come back Friday for finished photos and modification specifics!)

My Alaska souvenir: Fingering weight yarn from Knitty Stash in Homer, AK.
Colorway: Chugach Forest (except that it was labeled "Not Quite Perfect" so it was discounted!)
And mysterious fiber (mostly wool) that was on the free shelves left behind by a dyer who was less than pleased with it. I love it!

And then I came home to a gigantic apricot tree full of ripe apricots.  I mean FULL. I was buried in apricots here for a week or two or three. I gave them away to everyone I could. I preserved them in every form I could think of. Jams. Syrup. Leathers. Puree. Dried. The syrup is really amazing. I just used some to sweeten by peppermint tea. So good.

And then I played with my family as they came to Utah for a reunion. Hiking to Cecret Lake in Alta to see the beautiful wildflowers.

And hosted a cousin party for my 70 cousins (okay only 30 came) as part of our family reunion weekend.  There is my sister Michelle photo bombing my picture of my favorite cousin, Larry (in the middle), my little sister Suzanne, and my cousin Ben, who miraculously survived a heart attack in his 30's. It is so fun having a large family!

And that is it. That's why I've not been around here a few weeks. Now I have 3 weeks to get my life back into some recognizable order just knit before school starts. :) (And read my new book, Julie and the Wolves. It is a Newbery award winner and really interesting so far.)

Joining with Nicole, Ginny, and Tami.

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