Finished Object: Sockhead Hat

Finished Object: Sockhead Hat 
Yarn: Regia Hand-dye Effect

This head cold has kicked my butt this week and seriously limited my productivity. I did finish the hat during a weekly meeting for women at my church. I only blocked the top of the hat to even out the decreases. The last hat I blocked lost quite a bit of it's elasticity in the ribbing and I was afraid of that happening again. Any advice for me on blocking hats?

I love how it turned out. It stays put pretty well which is what I was hoping for since I wear hats a little further back on my head to avoid scary hat hair with my bangs. My older daughter promptly took the hat and wore it to school the next day. We will see how much I actually get to wear it. She was a little mad I made her shower before I would let her wear it, but I didn't want her getting it all greasy! She has it that stage where she needs to shower more often but really hates it. She'll do it when asked but with a lot of complaining. I am sure that never happens at your house!

I'm sharing this with Linda, Andrea, and Tami today. Go there to see more fiber arts and finished objects. 

I've had some hang ups with the formatting on my headband pattern as I was making the tech editor's suggested changes which is proving more time consuming than I had the energy for this week. I am shooting for next Friday as a release date. If you want to be sure not to miss the publishing day reduced price, shoot me an email at thegaugewars[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you a reminder when it is up. Sorry about the delay!

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