Spinning Show & Tell: Schacht Drop Spindle and Corriedale Fiber


My wonderful sister-in-law bought me some new fiber for Christmas. I think it was my favorite Christmas gift. That and the money from my in-laws that helped me purchase a new Schacht drop spindle at my old local yarn store in Lawrence, KS  (still the best fiber store EVER) when we visited over the holiday. As much as I love my turkish drop spindle I just wanted to try a different style of spindle. The Schacht spindle can be spun as a top or bottom whorl. So can my turkish one, but since I usually use it as a bottom whorl I have been using the new one as a top whorl and am getting better at it! My latest is on the Schacht spindle and can you see how much evener it is than the lose ball that was my first on the Schacht spindle? So exciting to see progress!

My little sister couldn't come for our monthly sibling dinner on Sunday because of illness so we didn't start reading any Roald Dahl books yet but I picked up Freckles from the library, after that little sister told me it existed. I didn't know Gene Stratton-Porter had written a sort of prequel to The Girl of the Limberlost that I loved so much. I am enjoying Freckles. Though the first chapter is so sad when he describes his horrific childhood. One interesting bit of family history. My sister told me that an older cousin told her that our Great Grandmother's favorite author was Gene Stratton-Porter and she even named her daughter, Gene, after her. Fun fact. Makes me love the books even more.

Joining with Ginny, Tami, and Sarah today.

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