Work in Progress: Bulle Sweater

I have been a bit dissatisfied with knitting lately. That has resulted with me casting on several projects hoping one of them will really excite me. But this casting on frenzy also results in me feeling a bit guilty about all the works in progress that are just laying around. Especially when one particular girl keeps asking if I have finished her sweater, "I am just so excited to wear it!"

So I gave myself a talking to about self discipline and committed myself to finishing this sweater. I went to my LYS and picked out buttons this past weekend and spent my weekend alternating between cuddling a sick little boy and knitting in front of the fire. Not a bad place to be.

Except for that one night that I stayed up until 4am finishing The Girl of the Limberlost. That was a bad choice because then I spent the entire morning sleeping on the couch while chaos happened around me. But I really, really liked the book. It was just so simple and innocent. Elnora is the perfect girl. Her love story is so sweet. It is just one of those books that you come away from feeling good and happy. Like all is right in the world. I don't know, it is kind of hard to explain. But you should read it. I found a copy at my local library. I so liked the character I even texted my husband while he was working in the Philippines to ask him if he liked the name Elnora. He didn't respond. When he returned I asked again. He said whenever I asked about names he thinks I am talking about having another baby. Lol. So I guess he feels not responding is the best answer he can give.

Joining with Tami and Ginny today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers tomorrow! I am excited to eat pie and spend the day with my brother's family. There are so many things that I am thankful for. Mostly right now it is that Joel's business is going well and that I am home with the children. I am very grateful for that. What a blessing it is!

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