Work in Progress: Ankle Socks

After spending the weekend listening to this conference I made significant progress on my no brain/social knitting ankle sock. So much progress that I decided I just need to finish it and have not knit on any other project since then. I am not sure if I will like the ankle length or not but I am using up the rest of the yarn from my daughter's socks so I couldn't make them that long. No matter, I am excited to have another pair of handknit socks to wear.

My husband handed me this book the other day when I was in his studio. I don't think he did it intending me to read it, because he acted surprise when he found me reading it. My mother gave it to him for Christmas a few years ago but somehow I never remember seeing it. So far I really like it. It gives one a lot to think about when she discusses WHY we overschedule our families. All the theories she gives are spot on for why I try to get my children involved in activities outside the home, such as character and talent development. One thing she reminds us is that our development doesn't stop at 18 when we leave home. Just because we didn't learn to play the piano or paint or whatever when we were children doesn't mean we cannot as adults. I don't like being out of the home every evening and sometimes I wonder if I am the driving force behind the activities or if my children are taking the lead in pursuing their interests. And I feel a bit guilty that financially I can't offer them everything that I want to. It is comforting to read that maybe that is okay for them. All is not lost if they wait to pursue some interests. The idea that they are not going to be good enough if they don't start young bothers me. Good enough for what? Their own enjoyment or to compete against others? I keep reminding myself that I didn't start playing competitive soccer until I was in 8th grade but went on to be the Alaska player of the year and earn a soccer scholarship to a division 1 university simply because it was my interest at that point and I was driving it. And thankfully my parents were footing the bill. And I didn't start quilting or knitting until I was in my mid 20's and look at me now! We have our whole life to keep developing our interests and talents.

So I guess what I am saying is that so far this book has alleviated some guilt about not getting my children into more activities and reminds me that when it is their activity of choice they will work hard to succeed at it. Anything that helps control the mom guilt has to be good right?

Joining with Tami and Ginny. Happy Wednesday!

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