Spinning Show & Tell: BFL ready for plying

My BFL is all spun up and ready for plying. It is the end of my fiber stash so I am a little bit sad. I can't find any that I like at the LYS in my area now, having left behind the best fiber store in Lawrence, KS. So I need to order some online. I have walnut husks from our tree soaking in the garage along with some rabbit brush flowers that I picked up on our latest camping trip that I am waiting to use as a dye. I think I may just buy undyed top or roving for my next spinning project so it can double as a natural dyeing project.  I've dyed yarn before but not top or roving. I will have to do some research on dyeing those so I don't felt them. I've been reading lots of spinning books from the library lately. These are two of the most interesting ones. The Spin Control one shows some amazing yarn. It is so cool what different yarn you can make!

My daughter is taking a photography class at school and is learning about all the settings on her camera. She took these pictures the other day. They really crack me up. I had to share them.

Joining Sarah's Spinning Show and Tell and with Ginny and Tami.  Go see more awesomeness there.

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