Hearts Knit Together #18: Family Rhythm and Felted Wool Balls

I spent this weekend listening to the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and other leaders of my church at our semi-annual general conference. It is like I am coming off a spiritual high now. My oldest daughter, Adelle, and I received tickets to attend one of the session in the large conference center in downtown Salt Lake City. It was the first time for her. Maybe it is kind of like going to Mecca or the Vatican for Muslims or Catholics. Just a really amazing experience to be in the same room with the Prophet of the Lord and 21,000 other people. I came away from the weekend more committed and with a stronger conviction that Jesus Christ lives, that God loves me, and that I need to share that love with those around me. So here is me sharing that love with you.  :)

Somewhere in the big move this summer my Hearts Knit Together weekly posts got lost. Not just the posts but the creating with my children disappeared. Now that life has slowed down and we are getting into a routine I am trying to be intentional about how I spend my time. If I am not, I find that I don't have anymore time for my family then I did prior to our move when I was working four days a week. I am not sure how that is possible but it certainly feels like it. If you are a stay at home mother and ever feel dissatisfied about it, get a job outside the home for awhile and you will be so happy to return home. At least I certainly am. I feel like I am finally getting my groove back as a mother. The last four years have been tough on our family as I have been working or going to school and Joel has been traveling so much. The last month has been very healing as we have had time to reestablish family patterns and traditions.

I read a post on Happy Whimsical Hearts about family rhythms. I don't really implement any Waldorf ideas in my parenting and as a homeschooler I followed more of the ideas of Charlotte Mason but I really enjoy reading some of the Waldorf educators blogs. This one about family rhythms particularly spoke to me as it was exactly what I was trying to do in our home. So I put it down on paper with Jude this week just as she suggested. This was our first week instituting it but I think both the boys and I did better with a plan for each day. 

So from here on out I will have more creating with kids ideas but for today I found these photos from before we left Kansas. I was gone at a meeting for the evening and Joel made felted wool balls with the kids with the leftover wool from my spinning. The kids like the process of making the balls but don't actually do much with them. Next time I want to talk them into making a really big one for me to use in my dryer. I saw some of those for sale at the fiber festival I attended.  Happy Monday!


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