Spinning Show and Tell: War Wound

I spent yesterday packing my craft room. Um, I have a lot of fabric and yarn. But it is hard to purge it! I did sell some of my acrylic yarn at my garage sale but that was all. I am trying not to think about that 26 foot truck.

After taking our left over garage sale treasures to charity I spent most of the day sorting yarn and other supplies while listening to The Chaperone. It has taken a strange twist and I can't say if I would recommend it anymore. But now I am so into the story,  I "need" to find out what happens next.

By Sunday last week I was so spent I didn't have the desire to do anything. As I sat on the couch watching my children playing I remembered my spinning and thought it might ease my stress. As soon as I pulled it out my children were crowded around me. Previously I have  been spinning in my bedroom after they have gone to bed so this was the first time they have seen the drop spindle in action. My oldest daughter laid on the floor and spun the spindle for me as I drafted. It actually worked pretty well. It is a lot easier to spin when you are only focusing on one thing. Unfortunately my son wanted to try spinning it just like his sister but ended up getting hit in the face. I felt so bad. But he was happy to point out his war wound.

I have used up all my blue/green koolaid dyed top. I want to now spin the white to ply with this. But I need to figure out what I am suppose to do with this while I am spinning another ball. Looks like I will have to go back to watching the Knit Picks tutorial videos. They are hugely distracting, at least the ones I have watched so far, because Kelley Petkun's head is cut off in the shot. She is the headless spinner. It drives me crazy.  Maybe they noticed that and fixed it in the later tutorials?

Don't look too closely. I am a little embarrassed to show my spinning. Some of it doesn't have enough twist and some has too much, but when I try to fix that the yarn breaks. Currently I am just doing trial and error instead of books and tutorials. I am sure it would help if I went back and refreshed my memory from my spinning class. But I am enjoying the process this way. Still I welcome any advice! :)

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