Finished Object: Shibui Shawl Mix #3

First of all, this is what I found on my front lawn this morning when I came home from my run. Could he be any cuter?! I love this kid. That is why after taking this photo I made him go put a helmet on. 

Pattern: Shibui Shawl Mix #3
Yarn: Shibui Cloud and Staccato in Raspberry
Work in Progress Post #1 and #2

I finished my shibui shawl. I LOVE it! It is so soft and big. I am really glad I added the extra repeat of the pattern. I love how I can wrap it around me. Don't be mistaken by the photo, after spending the afternoon at the swimming pool with a hat on I wasn't really in any shape to be in a picture, so I talked my oldest into modeling for me (isn't she beautiful!), but the shawl is for ME!

It is my first experience with lace weight yarn. Not super fun to knit with. But I love the contrast with the finger weight yarn in this shawl. I can't decide if I will ever knit something only with lace weight yarn. It is so hard to see what you are doing with that thin yarn. But it is really portable, lots of yardage in a small package.

I don't know what it is about shawls. I would never have purchased one before becoming a knitter but yet I really love knitting them. And am starting to wear them more and more. I use to think shawls were for old people but I am NOT old! :)  They are just very comfortable to wrap yourself up in and can add a fun touch to an outfit. There are so many different shape designs and patterns I don't think I could ever have too many shawls on my shelf. I think the color affection is the next one on my list to knit.

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