Work in Progress: Shibui Shawl #3 (almost done!)

Yarn: Shibui Staccato and Cloud
Pattern: Shibui Shawl #3
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I am making amazing progress on my shibui shawl. I decided to knit an additional repeat so it would be a little bigger. Lately my shawls have not turned out as big as I thought they would. But now I have even more ends to weave in. :( It is off the needles but not super motivated to weave in ends or block it now that it is too hot and humid in Kansas to wear it so I can't call it officially done. It is so soft and amazing I cannot wait until it is cold enough to use it!

I am not exactly reading or listening to a book currently but have recently found the CraftLit podcast to listen to on my commute to work. It is awesome! She is an English professor with really interesting commentary about the classics she is playing on her podcast. I listened to an interview with Franklin Habit, her commentary, and then a chapter of Jane Eyre during my ride home. I think it is a great idea for a podcast and combines reading and crafting so well. She has been doing it for awhile and has covered many classic books already. Since I recently listened to Jane Eyre, I am going to download earlier episodes and listen to other classics I am not as familiar with. Maybe The Scarlet Letter.

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