Finished Object: Basket weave Scarf

Basket Weave Scarf
Yarn: Cascade 220

Disclaimer -- This isn't actually a recent finished object. Santa bought me the yarn in December 2010 and I think I finished it a few months later. Recently my husband took these pictures for me because I wanted to do a post on designing. 

I took a cabling class a year ago December from the talented Cheryl at the Yarn Barn. She was the first person I have met in person with published knitting designs. I was very intrigued by the process and how she got started in it. She has a day job and actually doesn't really self-publish. Most of her designs are in magazines and books. When asked how she got started designing her response was initially she just started making alterations to published patterns according to her own preference. It was later that she knit up an original design and submitted it to a contest at Vogue Knitting and won a trip to Europe. Pretty amazing! 

But it got me thinking at the time that I was already doing that, a little. I learned the basket weave stitch from a pattern for a sampler knitted baby blanket when I was pregnant with Roman. I really liked the way the stitch looked and thought it would be perfect for a scarf because both sides look the same. This was long before I knew about ravelry and became obsessed with knitting. But at the time I was really proud of myself coming up with my own idea. (If you search on ravelry you will find MANY basketweave patterns

But regardless that it was not a genius design, at the time I was knitting it I felt pretty original. So here is my first design! I am progressing slowly in my designing skills, going from the scarf to the cowl. I am pretty intrigued with designers and their design process right now. I really love this blog. I love reading the designer interviews that Robin does once a week and she discusses some interesting topics surrounding knitwear designing professionally. Sometimes it is encouraging and other times overwhelming.  But always thought provoking. 

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